How to access Internet through VPN?

Ensure that “Use default gateway on remote network” in the TCP/IP settings is NOT checked. The following are detailed instructions on how to check for this setting:

For Windows XP:

Click Start > Control Panel
Click on the Network and Internet Connections icon:
Click “Network Connections”.

Note: If your Control Panel is in classic view, simply double click the “Network Connections” icon.

Right click on the new VPN connection:
Select Properties.
Select the “Networking” tab.
Verify that Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is highlighted.
Click on the Properties button.
Within the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties window:
Click on the “Advanced…” button.
Within the Advanced TCP/IP Settings window:
REMOVE the check mark next to Use default gateway on remote network.
Click “OK” to close all open windows.

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